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Welcome to Brenda Johnson's official author website. I am so thrilled you are here and eager to journey with me and others. I believe there are two things we all need in life:

Wisdom on how to deal with it and laughter to be able to enjoy it.

That's what this place will be:

Help on dealing with the things of our past, present and future-
and lots of laughter to help us understand and enjoy the simple things of life.

Many of us just need a new chapter to begin in our lives. Some of us need a whole new life. Here, we will learn how to let God re-write our stories so that we can truly enjoy abundant, FUN living!

It's never too late for healing.


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God has a plan for you, even in this. God will work this out for your good because He loves you. God is in control, He will bring you through this. Trust in Him, He will take...

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